Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Three

To the naked eye, it may appear we did not do that much yesterday. Only 5 base cabinets. But they were hard! Full of drawers and stuff, and one of them had to be modified to fit in a non corner (that is a corner removed to accomodate a pipe from the toilet above). THAT took some doing.

Those drawers rock. They are mostly enameled metal, and remind me of the old 40s cabinets i've lived with in many places (but never got to experience when they were out-of-box new!). The thing I love is that when the drawer gets within an inch or so of closing, an invisible (fascist, Bruce? dunno) force propells it forward that final inch, quickly, satisfyingly, confidently. We are much enamored. With the enamel. And the unseen hands keeping all closed and tidy.

And the Dining Room table is becoming quite a workshop. Hope we don't accidentally glue something to it.

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Bruce said...

I really am impressed! We had our contractor's workmen do the assembly on our kitchen. It's much smaller and less complicated than yours, and it took them about five working days. And they were (supposedly) professionals.

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