Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Five

Well, we hit a snag yesterday. I got a third of the ceiling paneling done when the electrician arrived and said STOP... if you are going to cover up the plaster, I can trench through it to put in new electrical. So, now we are on hold, sorta, until the electrician does his thing next week. I thought we only needed a circuit or two, turns out we need SIXTEEN outlets for all the new lighting.

And can I just say air nailers rock! Have any of you ever used those? My arms and shoulders are a little sore from holding the thing over my head yesterday, but wow, it sure made installing the panels easy. They look a bit messy and unfinished without paint and the fake beams finishing the edges, but here's a picture of the start.

Ceiling with paneling applied.

Ceiling and Steven holding the beam up on one edge.

These little brackets "hold" the beams up. I'm holding them up in front of the dining room ceiling: we're painting the paneling the same chartreusey shade of green. Looks good with this rich brown, no?

Today, we will make the new opening from kitchen to the living room. And, hopefully, open the 2 giant boxes containing the new vent hood and remote blower. There is a lot to figure out to get that thing installed. I think that is going to be the hardest part of the entire job.

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