Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Two

10 cabinets today, 17 to go tomorrow and Tuesday! These really are pretty easy to assemble.

By the way, have you seen the design? You can also see a collage of materials, colors, appliances, lighting, etc... the design mindmap of our kitchen.

Here's the fabulous sink. It is heavy as lead, and I can't believe this particle board wrapped with melamine supports it.

More large glass doors were unpacked today. Tomorrow we'll put together the guts that goes behind these.

And now we're about to have KungPao Chicken!

Somebody's acting too tired to cook, even though he had a THREE HOUR NAP today between cabinets.


Bruce said...

Great blue lamp and shade. Bet that didn't come from IKEA!

Sam said...

Actually, we made that lampshade, from an old castaway we bought at a garage sale. We have a little series of craft projects we do together... one is to strip old lampshades and weave in new vellum run through the printer with some chinese art... or 30s & 40s pulp magazine covers... or cartoons.

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