Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Seven

Ok, we just finished up on day seven at 9 pm. As I commented to Bruce awhile ago, sure wish Daniel Craig had been here to help... That bearing plate took forever to chop up and get out!

Well, the new opening between the kitchen and living room is there. In rough opening form. Tomorrow, we will put in the cased opening moulding, patch the floor, and finish up the doorway. I can't believe how much dust we've inhaled from demolishing the plaster... check out the one photo in which the dust really figures prominently. It looks like it's snowing!

As you can see, my plan to not destroy the plaster from the living room (turquoisish) side worked for the most part. We recently painted that room with a nice glazed, vertically streaked finish, and are trying to get this opening in without having to repaint anything in there. So far so good. I had to move a duplex receptacle about 8 inches to the right, and some of the plaster around that didn't make it. We have all six pieces that crumbled out, and i'm seriously thinking of trying to glue it together like a broken teacup.

We're going to have a steak. We both need some red meat.

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