Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Six

Was really just a blip on the radar screen. We really didn't get a whole lot done. Oh, except for me spilling an entire QUART of green stain all over the newly refinished hardwood floor in the kitchen AND slicing right throuh the power cord of the new, expensive mitre saw. Nice. I told Tali the Boy Scouts called and have revoked my power tools merit badge. Well, at least i haven't injured myself or Steven. Thankfully, we got the stain up quick and so far appears to have not made it to the bathroom ceiling below the kitchen. Sigh.

Off to knock a hole in the wall and to strip 80 years of paint off some old mouldings!

OOps I almost forgot: we walked into town for dinner last night, and saw the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is hot hot hot. And there is a painful scene in which he DESTROYS an entire floating building in Venice, while the audience gets to watch it slowly crumble into the lagoon.


Bruce said...


I knew it would eventually come; a major point of disagreement. Not only is Daniel Craig not my type. He reminds me of Vladimir Putin, a very big turn off. There's no accounting for taste (either yours or mine).

The "destruction" of the building in Venice is a teriffic feat of digital image manipulation. I can assure you the building is still standing. There wasn't even a fake building that was destroyed. It was all done in the lab.

Sam said...

Aw Shucks. Daniel Craig isn't my type either, but geez, just the sheer physicality of him is astounding. We saw him very recently in Love is the Devil, the film about Francis Bacon (the painter), and he had all the mesmerizing physicality with none of the swagger. Playing Bacon's would-be-burgler-cum-lover, he was very much a sad sack, no shred of Bond about him. Wish he were here to help us destroy this bearing plate at the bottom of our new doorway.. I bet he could do it in a flash!

Anonymous said...

I love Daniel Craig in this movie... but we just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year...smooches Kelly and Jeff

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