Kitchen Reconstruction :: Day Four

Today was large cabinet day. Large pantry, with pull out shelves day; large glass-doored cabinets day. Boy am I glad it is over.

We are almost through, but have 3 more of these little guys to put together tomorrow. They are easy, but we ran out of glue at 10 tonight, so we'll catch these tomorrow.

Here's how I feel about having the cabinet assembly almost complete. 24 down, 3 to go!

Tomorrow, we go rent an air stapler, to make refinishing the walls and ceiling easy. We have a really nice tongue and groove paneling to resurface the walls and ceiling, and then we'll paint that. Once that is done we can start hanging the blessed cabinets. But first, Kitchen Demolition, Part III takes place: removal of sink and sink cabinet, and making the new FIFTH doorway into this little kitchen. I know, 5 doors seems excessive for a room so small, but we want a door directly into the living room, it will improve the Qi of the house immeasurably. Plus, there is just a blank wall there waiting for us to smack it down. Dust be damned! And, Paul Kerr, our electrician is coming around noon tomorrow to have a look at the electrical upgrades we need.


Anonymous said...

Progress, progress.

Bruce said...

One advantage of not living in Europe: Here, except for an absolute emergency, you would NEVER get an electrician or any other type of workman to come to your house between Christmas and New Years. Generally, they won't even come until after the first week in January (Epiphany).

Sam said...

Bruce, i'll consider us lucky if we get all the electrical work done by the end of next week. In this little hippy mountain town, many of the contractors and workmen have a very, shall we say laissez-faire, attitude toward work and their clients. It's hard to get work scheduled and make it happen; we've been trying to line this up forever. Also, our garage is DESPERATELY in need of a new roof; we've been waiting for our roofer to schedule us in all fall. Looks like that will finally happen very soon too (probably at the same time for maximum stress effect).

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