Cruelty Clipping of the Day :: Uggh I'm Speechless

Any of you old enough to have loved Flipper, watch with caution. I still feel sick after watching this. How can people be so incredibly cruel? Nothing makes me want to boycott all things Japanese more. And it gives me more than a flicker of desire to go vegetarian. So many vegetarians eat fish, eggs, and cheese in addition to a herbivorous diet, because they think it is more humane than contributing to what cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, etc. have been subjected to by our Wonderful World of Agribusiness. Oh this makes me sick. Geez I could go on a jag on this theme of cruelty clippings. Remember, those capable of doing such cruel things to animals are the ones that lead us all in the horrible, atrocious things humans do to one another. Oh well, I'm sure Ann Coulter would just call me a big Peta Fag right about now.

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