My Dear Hillary,

I've been disappointed at your recent reluctance to own up to a poor decision to support our fake war in Iraq. When John Edwards did so recently, it made him look like a hero... who has a brain and a heart and who knows how to be a human being who can admit mistakes. Looking like a robot who can't own up to anything is something we've all had enough of. I wish you were less concerned about appearing weak on defense. Are you yet another Chicken Hawk who's only concerned with how things look?

I'm mostly concerned about your comments this week in response to General Peter Pace's remarks about homosexuality being immoral. The fact that you say "i'll let others decide," makes you unfit for my vote. I'm very disappointed and chagrined that you will neither stand up for gay people in general, nor for our embattled gay service men and women specifically. If you can't take a stand and stand up for some of us in America, then i will not stand up for you and give you my support. "I'll let others decide" certainly doesn't demonstrate that you have the leadership qualities that we need. You owe every single American an apology for this gaffe my dear.

John Edwards clearly says that he does not support gay marriage, so i'd never support him. Where do you stand? Will you take a stand, or is it too much of a hot potato for you?

Is it true what your detractors say, that you are so incredibly calculating that you'll stand up for none of us, really, when the chips are down?


Be sure to leave your own message of support for Hillary here. I'm so done with her and the race has barely begun.

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Steven said...

I have been saying that she will not get my vote at least for the democratic primary. She can do all her calculation but do not count my vote.

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