Rosewood Slab

This gorgeous slab of East Indian Rosewood was saved by someone in Florida after all the hurricanes year before last. We bought it to mill into a new, wide, window stool for the kitchen. Now, I have to do this, then install the pebble stone backsplash, and we'll be all done with the kitchen.

In other news, I sprained my back last weekend, and have had some pain from that. Yesterday at work was unbearable sitting in my desk chair. Today I went to an acupunture doctor here, and I'm feeling much better. I didn't go to work at all, and it was nice to remain horizontal for most of the day, and to take 3 hot steaming baths so far.

Off for a fourth now.


Curtis said...

What a beautiful piece of wood.

Hope you feel better soon.

tricky said...

Sorry you're hurt, Sammy. I'm glad you found an acupunture doctor in Athens to help you. Hope you feel better soon!

PS: I love the gray river rocks!

Sam said...

Thanks Tricky. Getting much better now. When are y'all coming for a visit??

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