Been Gone for a Sec

See that? That's snow. I thought we were through with that. Ugggh. It was nice and breezy today, not too cold (had the top back yesterday), and now... suddenly... snow.

I had a little emergency design job at work in the past coupla weeks, and then a trip to Vegas last week. Which was all good. Only, in Vegas, all the food is HUGE. I fasted for the last 24 hours, just to try and return to some semblance of equilibrium, and am now looking forward to the roast chicken, rice salad, and green beans we are about to prepare (my first non-liquid meal since yesterday's lunch). I wish I could make myself fast for more than 24 hours, but it seems to be beyond me. Well, maybe if i can make myself do it again very soon, i can work my way up to a 3 or 4 day stint of no solid foods. I read this book called The Detox Diet but i think i need to expand my horizons beyond that. Anybody have any suggestions re: detoxification and fasting?

Looks like i'll be working on a really cool outdoor exhibit in the desert for several weeks, with a really great Tuscon architecture firm, line & space. What a cool name. And they seem like very cool, accomplished people.

In other news, our marble counters have arrived and will be installed Monday morning. After that, all that is left is the backsplash. I'll post some pics after the install, and all of our choices for backsplash. Instead of the options narrowing down over the past few weeks, they seem to have mushroomed. I'm now leaning toward a nicely patterned carrara marble tile composed of polished 2x2 and 2x6 tiles, while Steven is still just totally in love with the whole stacked pebble thing. We'll compare all our samples after Monday's install. Ciao.

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