Newsclipping of the Day :: Plastic Bags are OUT


Funny this article doesn't mention these:

our beloved ED Supermarche bag, purchased for less than a euro, in that French village next to Villebrumier with a name i can't remember.

our not-so-beloved as yet Trader Joe's bag purchased at the store in Columbus for a dollar.

It really isn't hard for us to bring our OWN bags to the store when we shop. Even if we are buying a ton of groceries, we have 10 or 12 now, and we love not having the extra useless crap enter our nest. The feathering process has brought a renewed and acute awareness of all things packaging, and how ANNOYING and inconvenient it is to deal with the mountains of detritus that are the side effect of do-it-yourself cabinets from Ikea, ordered-online appliances, ordered-online building materials... the list goes on and on.

Going to the market, and KNOWING we can avoid a tiny little bit of that, is gratifying, in some kind of pathetically tiny way.

Heck, if we were in France or Columbus, and forgot our bag, we could just buy another for a dollar. Not so with the Athens Kroger, however.

San Francisco is the perfect place to test this. Look out plastic bag manufacturers! Your days are numbered! I'm sure San Franciscans will have no problem doing what the French do, bien sur.

Now, if we could just do something with the mountains of incessantly arriving junk mail.


thephoenixnyc said...

We haven't started bringing our own bags yet, but I take extra plastic bags home from the suprmarket and then use them for our trash bags. This way we don't use extras bags for the trash.

Sam said...

Allow me to be a total pimp for Container Store: did you know you can get a contraption especially designed to hold those store-acquired plastic bags? They hold the bag open, have a plastic lid to kinda contain, and screw on the back of a cabinet door. Very handy. I used to have one and i'm thinking about 2 for under the sink, if we don't find something better at Ikea.


Life So Far.... said...

Here in Texas, I use my own canvas bags, originally given away as a promotion by a grocery store called Central Market. At my Kroger's, they give me a 5-cent per bag discount at the register.

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