Just in Time for Your Birthday, Mom!

Looks like next year we will all be able to buy MGs again in the United States, thanks to the Chinese. My mom had one of these in the early 70s for a brief period (before the canary GREMLIN! Oh geez, that's another post! What was that thing's name?), and now she could preorder a brand-spanking new one, just in time for the big seven-five! Find out more here.

It is just a bit sexist that the Chinese are having a fun time with the

"Modern Gentleman"

thing, doncha think? Hey Confucious, you might wanna rethink that and come up with some companion ideas that, er, reach out to the other sex too. Don't leave all the ladies of the world out in the cold! Hmmmm... how about:

Mabel Golightly

Modern Girl

Mucha Girlie (!)


Mod Geisha

Mooveover Gasguzzzlers

Mile Galore

Mia Groovey

Motor Girl

Meretricious Gokart

Mommy's Goingouttonight


Lotuslander said...

I haven't driven in 12 years, because it's so easy to get around Vancouver by Skytrain, but I love the car, and remember the old ones. And Gremlins too ( shudder )I'm studying Mandarin part time, and it's difficult, but I think this century will belong to China.

Sam said...

Geez i dream of not driving for 12 years (or more). And the missing it part, that's what rental cars are for. I'd love to live someplace where a car is only needed once a season, to travel to someone's country house for a week, buy an antique, whatever. And this is certainly the century of China. We both have a head start on that, you with Vancouver, me with my Chinese man.

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