Debut of the HearthGlo

From the look of this old Hearthglo fireplace heater, I think it is a good 10 - 15 years beyond the era our house was built in (mid-twenties craftsman story-and-a-half bungalow), but i LOVE it in our glossy white fireplace. We don't think the glossy white fireplace surround is orginal either, it looks to me that it was added in the 50s or 60s. Were it original, it would have the same look of the house's Sears kit millwork, such as our 5 panel rail & stile doors, the columns in antis, or the stair parts. They all have real, inset panels; this fireplace just has moulds to emulate that. And i bet it is not the same oak under all the paint, hence the glossy white.

A man named Charlie Brown came and fixed the gas line, put in new valves, etc. and got it all set up for us. It's so nice to have a working fireplace again.

Our old house in Atlanta had a glossy white fireplace of an entirely different ilk, with gas logs that we used all winter long. We are fond of this bungie, even so, we miss the sixties novelty we had before. The old house had this fireplace in the kitchen, with a big sloping ceiling, 4 large skylights, and my slightly kitsch, spray-painted-black Zsa Zsa chandelier. I took the fox furs that once belonged to my Aunt Connie and my Grandmother Banky that once decorated it, but left the chandelier itself behind.

This picture was taken the day we left the old house, about three and a half years ago now.


CJ said...

It must be nice to live where you want some heat already. Are fireplace logs "dated"? They are advertised and sold quite aggressively here in the south this time of year. I have wanted them to some extent but I rarely make a fire as it is. Since hurricane Ike I have plenty of wood if I do though. Your's is a nice look, in both shots. I hope it is vented up your chimney.
Happy Holidays!

Sam said...

Hi Cj, i think old hearthglo fireplace heaters are dated, not gas logs! We can no longer burn big roaring wood fires unless we tear down and rebuild our 84 year old fireplace. And that would cost as much as a new Audi i bet. I'll take the Audi (if the economy ever perks up)

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