President-Elect Barack Obama

I'm so glad this is done. This man is going to do great things. We will all be proud of the restorative effect he has on our world.

I am so disappointed that gay marriage BANS passed in Arizona and Florida...and are too close to call in California. Thanks Republicans, for the toxicity you have injected into our political discourse, our government, our people. Yours is a negative legacy none of us will soon forget. And some of you who managed to barely hold on to your seats (I'm talking to YOU Michelle Baumann) have some serious atoning and soul searching to do.


Robert said...

I can't wait to see what Obama will do for our beloved country!!! GO OBAMA!!!!!

Ultra Dave said...

For me, disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it. I can only imagine how those who are facing having their marriage nullified based on hate must feel.

And thanks for checking out my blog the other day. And for the comments. I happen to find yours interesting as well.

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