Don't Speak for Me Sarah Palin!

Oh my, this is wonderful. Whoever this woman is, you need a publicist honey!


Will said...

Sam, if you never do anything else for me, ever, I will spend the rest of my life with a silly grin on my face when I remember this inspired piece of right-on lunacy. She's a treasure and the guy dressed up as a moose on the piano is hugable. Things like this are the genius of the internet, giving everyone a voice.

Sam said...

will, i think your opera background may make you a bit biased, hehehe. Things like this show me how important it is to keep business interest from ruining the internet. It is a constant battle to keep it from being divvied up into little fiefdoms to generate cash for this or that corporation.

I hope Barack Obama has seen this piece. These two should perform at the inauguration.

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