Giving to Love :: Susan Burgess

Susan Burgess, a professor at Ohio University, gave $100 to the NO on Proposition 8 campaign in California. According to THIS database, no other contributions from my town were recorded. Thank you, Susan, for recognizing bigotry, for giving to love, for supporting my partner and I and our family, and for rejecting hate.

Look up ANYONE ANYWHERE or see how an entire town or zip code came down on this issue.

As HOMER says, why not take a look and post the names of the people who Gave-to-Hate and those who Gave-to-Love on your blog?


Mel said...

I gave twice, but my name isn't on the list. On the other hand, only 3 people from the entire state of Maine were listed as supporting Prop 8. All the rest listed were No on 8 supporters.

Looking at my native state of SC, the appropriately named Jean Meaney, among others, contributed to Yes on 8, but there was still quite a bit of No on 8 support.

Ultra Dave said...

Very good idea.

fst said...

I dug around it a bit and was happy to see that there were only 3 people listed as pro-8 in Atlanta. Georgia at-large was against by a margin of about 16 to 1.

The disparity in terms of dollar amounts by state is huge though. I dialed in my old home state of Connecticut for laughs. The Knights of Columbus are headquartered there and gave -- I shit you not -- a million dollars in support of Prop 8. A million bucks.

Those against Prop 8 in CT outweighed supporters five to one.

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