Power to the People!

We know two gay couples who have been together for some time, but in which 1/2 of the equation is not an American citizen, one couple in Missouri and one here in Ohio. The hassle of visas, citizenship issues, traveling to satisfy the system, and even having to spend some amount of time apart--all would be a non-issue if these guys could marry.

Even though Steven and i share alot of responsibility--on mortgages and debt, in taking care of his mother, in maintaining a household, in life insurance benefits--we would be considered less than strangers by staffers in a hospital if something catastrophic happened to the other.

Even if we were totally type A and had an attorney solve some issues legally--power of attorney, living wills, etc.--it is virtually impossible to impart the more than 200 benefits of living as man and wife, to man and man or woman and woman, solely through legal means.

And even if we could, it would still be separate but equal. It would still be Jim Crow for Queers.

And i'm sick of hearing the argument that you can't "redefine" marriage willy-nilly. Well, if we hadn't been continuously evolving marriage incrementally--willy nilly--over time, our President-elect's parents marriage would have been illegal. His marriage to Michelle Obama would be illegal. Martin Luther King's marriage to Coretta Scott King would have been illegal. And a woman's right to be co-equal, to not be viewed as property, and to divorce would be illegal.

Some great scenes, signs, and spirits from yesterday's day of awakening:

If you'd like to discern where these are from, click the image to enlarge and look at the url for a clue!

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Ultra Dave said...

I think by Prop 8 not passing, it actually help our cause for equality. Now a lot more Americans understand that domestic partnerships and certain civil unions are not "just as good as" or "the same" as marriage. I believe we now have more people on our side.

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