Thank You Dan Savage

You are a friend indeed. And so are you Whoopi.

I love the part where Dan says to Tony Perkins "You take my rights away, and i'm interrupting you. Who's really suffering here?"

And Perkins with his "achieve a greater good" bullshit about public policy, insisting that all kids need a mom and dad. I wish Dan had said he has a 11 year old son that he's raised for the past 11 years with his male partner, Terry. I might also add that he wrote a perfectly lovely book about the process, called The Kid. Hardly anyone i know was raised with one mom and one dad. I have been lucky enough to have TWO other moms in addition to my birth mom, and now with Steven's mom here i have a total of FOUR. And Steven spent a lot of time as a kid without his mom and dad during the Cultural Revolution, staying with aunts, neighbors, friends, while his parents were away for long periods. I'm sick to death of these religious bigots--ike the Morman Church--hiding behind their bibles pretending they are for "the greater good" while they are spewing hate, bigotry, and discrimination, and passing judgement on me, and my family. The part where Perkins says "it's not about 2 moms, 2 dads, 3 dads, 3 moms" makes me extremely angry, the way he so arrogantly dismisses anyone that is a part of a family that is made up of more than one mom and one dad. I've got news for you Perkins: you are going straight to hell. Dan also wrote another book called Skipping Towards Gomorrah about the hypocrisy of people like Perkins who publicly whisper love and christian values and privately shout bigotry and discrimination thinly veiled as concern for our young.

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Curtis said...

Words cannot describe the anger and sadness that I feel right now. I hope for someday.

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