Taxation without Representation is Tyranny

THIS says it, succinctly, and with eloquence (!)

Hmmm.. what would be the modern equivalent of the Boston Tea Party?


Will said...

I trying how to figure out why every time I click up your blog I get it along with a perfectly lovely audio of the Song to the Moon from Dvorak's opera Rusalka. Is this intentional or some strange internet crossed wire?

Sam said...

Hi Will, I have a handy-dandy new music player widget, on the right sidebar down near the bottom. Once there, you can choose any of the songs, advance the sequence, etc. Also, there is a link there you can click on to go to the host website, make your own account, choose your own music to add to your playlist, and then add the widget code to your blog. YOU of all people should have audio on your blog too...yours could be much more meaningful to your posts (though I wonder if the site would have the depth and breadth of Opera to satisfy your needs). I've got 60 odd pieces of music there now, they are randomly accessed as long as you are on my blog.

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