A Couple Days Hard Work

We've gotten alot done in the past few days. Still not yet a usable kitchen, but alot is in place. The hood is all hooked up, the remote blower mounted to the side of the house, and the 17 feet of painstakingly installed and taped ductwork complete. The old sink is gone, as are ALL of the old cabinets now. The new Bosch fridge is in place, stocked, and in glorious use. And it was worth the money:

1.) the ice cube dispensor does so in a polite, gentle fashion. Not 39 cubes in .5 seconds. And the cubes are dainty. Not big monstrous ones. This alone is worth a million bucks.

2.) it is SOOOOO quiet, we can hardly hear it running. Compared to ye olde whirlpool, now redeployed to the garage until we have a sale in the spring, it is super quiet. That thing sounds like a concrete mixer in comparison.

3.) it is *very* nice to dispense with the brita water filter pitcher. We now have filtered water through the door.

4.) gentle little bell chimes remind us that we've stood with the door open too long! Walt would have DIED to have had this circa 1975 or so! I can't tell you how often my dad was the wasting-energy-through-the-open-fridge-door police, a badge he proudly wears.

5.) digital readouts and gadgets galore. Well, i hope those have longevity and will still be working in 5 years. nuff said.

Here is the start of the soffit framing which surrounds all the up high cabinets, and which hides the long duct from the exhaust hood. In the gaps between cabinets, paneling will infill for the most part, though in some of the gaps that are 12" or more, we will open it up and have finished niches for cookbooks, old milk bottles, Steven's teapot collection, etc. Lots of lighting up there.

Here are doors for those upper cabinets in the soffit. Lots of behind the scenes work has been done like this, doors all readied and hinged and hardwared and pulled, but we will wait to snap them in until the finish work is done, painting, etc.

Steven spent alot of time today salvaging what we could of all the old cupboards; we'll refashion to create a plant-centric accommodation in the new greenhouse. Steven also got all the plants into the basement for a brief stay until construction on the greenhouse is done. Roof is to be redone on that and the skylights installed asap, weather permitting. They would come tomorrow, if only it would stop raining here. It's been rainy and a balmy 60 degrees for the past several days. Meanwhile, snow and ice in Dallas? Bizarro world.

Tomorrow, lots of jboxes get their locations tweaked, duroc goes up, all the upper cabs in, and then hopefully we'll get to locating the lower cabinets, sink, stove and dishwasher. It is an admittedly ambitious agenda for a holiday, But I think Martin Luther King would approve of the non violent evolution happening in our kitchen.

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