Red Hot and Cool

Just after snapping this photo just now of our cool fridge surrounded by hot hot hot, I realized our little special fresh Fluffy Butt lounging in the unmade bed (can't. be. bothered. KITCHEN.) represents the same tableau. She is to Stainless as Red 800 thread count cotton is to lacquer. Yes, I'm going crazy. CRAZY

I've dropped (accidentally of course) so many big heavy tools from up on high, I now realize--painfully--how a standard construction process would finish the floor LAST. We have so many dents and gouges in the floor now, i've started laughing each time the hammer falls again, or the air nailer, or god knows what. And since i am so intimately, obssessively acquainted with their locations and sizes, and relative effect to the whole, i'm thinking maybe i'll start naming them all. There's a triangular one i'll call Condi, a long, slight (inconsequential) one we could name George, and a big whopper that I will always spot FIRST every time i walk in the room. We'll call that one Dick.

Crazy. CRAZY i tell you.

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Bruce said...


It's OK. We reached that point without doing any of the work ourselves.

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