Let There Be Light :: Day Thirty-Two

All the gobs of lighting are hooked up now, and everything is aglow. The 2 star chandeliers can't go in until the beams are placed, which can't go in until I paint the wood paneling at the ceiling (which is all finally in place now). We decided to do the 4 ceiling spaces on the diagonal... the hope was that it would be vaguely frenchey chevronesqueish, but in its unpainted state is looking more Ikea: 1976. I'm deep into getting all the tiny, nitpickey finish work done now, starting at the ceiling and working down. The soffit and ceiling are done and just about ready for paint. The hours just melt away as I do a little ADD dance, careening from outlets and wiring to ten thousand cuts for finish work to rerouting plumbing and electrical in the underneath to crying over the little hiccups. Today's hiccup: 12 glass shelves for the 3 tall china cabinets are like 1/16" too wide to fit. Honestly, after 32 days, this is the first challenge we've had that I can say is Ikea's problem and not mine. I'm going to try and find a shop in town tomorrow that can just grind two edges down a bit, but who knows how much that will cost. Or maybe i'll call Jada and see what she can do for me. Bruce told me there would be some inevitable problem with the order from Ikea, and i guess it has arrived.


Steven said...

We are getting there. It looks incredable! We can enjoy many years to come

Bruce said...


If the shelves are the only problem, and it looks like they are, since you're almost finished, you can count yourself among the blessed!

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