Green Eggs & Ham

Look at that yummy chartreusey ceiling! I love that green. It really is close to Green Eggs and Ham green, and the red is not far off from the Cat's Hat. The green will continue down the walls to the rail at about 4', below that, the green will switch to another shade or two or three darker. The fake beams are in place, the star chandeliers are burning. I make my coffee in that red cabinet to the right of the fridge every morning. The cereal is in the cabinet to the left. Everything is still not totally done, but it is getting closer and closer everyday!

Today I hope to finally get to the duroc surface betwixt the upper and lower cabinets. And more tiny pieces of wood will be cut and nailed in place. I've already gone through 1.5 boxes of 1,000 1" finish nails. Yes, that's right boys and girls, 1,500 finish nails, so far... and i'm not even tallying the 2" finish nails, and even a few staple nails. Staggering. Literally.


Curtis said...

I am SO digging your kitchen, but I don't quite understand the windows at the top from the pictures. Are these windows to the outside or lit from inside?

Bruce said...


That red and that specific green are a surprisingly perfect combination. Super!

Sam said...

Hi Curtis, those upper glass sashes are to display cabinets up at the ceiling, in the soffit. They have lights inside to illuminate whatever we put in there (as do all the cabinets with glass doors). None of the glass, however, is clear, it is all bubbly or frosted, so you don't clearly see what's behind.

Steven posted a bunch of close-ups last night at the end of our workday that show a good bit more detail.

Thanks, Bruce, the colors are looking like a crisp, fresh salad to us!

Anonymous said...

Beauty of a kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Wowee - everything is really looking FANTASTIC! Your hard work is really paying off mister. I love the red & green. What are those little bowls on the shelf above the range?
-Karen aka Beeb

Sam said...

Thanks, Phoenix.

And Thanks, BEEB! Those little bowls are Steven's find du jour at Target the other day! Even though nothing is finished, we had to display them for one day. They are put away now, until we finish.

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