We Have Hood!

Boy was this a lot of work to hang and get hooked up. We still have to connect it to the remote blower, but hopefully that'll be cake compared to the other steps. I cut a gaping 13" diameter hole in the side of the house today for the blower, and it just freaked me out to do that. And then to hoist that 120 pound blower thingie up there, geez I'm glad Steven had gotten home from work by then and could help with that part, I couldn't have done that myself. It will be nice not to hear the motor roaring along at 1400 CFMs when you turn this baby on (that's the "remote" part).

Poor Gormie seems a little freaked by all the clanging and work going on. Steven's theory is that she's thinking "Oh shit, we're moving again?!" Poor little thing, she hid under the butcher block island squirreled away in the back bathroom most of the day today. Power tools and vacuum cleaners really rock her little world.

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john said...

Happy New Year to you and Stephen!

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