Denny Doherty, Nancy Sinatra, and the Surreal Sixties

Denny Doherty of The Mama's and the Papa's has passed away. As Homer pointed out rather recently, Denny was really "fricken cute." RIP Denny. I love all these surreal sixties videos from Hullabaloo:

Here he is, in the black vest; his solo is the "...stopped into a church, I passed along the way..." part:

I work with a young lady who is a graphic design student at OU, who looks sooo much like Michelle Phillips. Wonder if J can sing?

Here's some surreal Nancy Sinatra I randomly just saw on YouTube also. Everytime i hear this I imagine little Dawns and Tracys dancing around on sculpted green shag carpetting, doing all these crazy Nancy moves. Dig these dancers, would you! It looks like they have nothing on under those multi-colored chemises:

Ok last one, this is just too surreal not to post:


Curtis said...

Well, these glutes were made for walkin'

Sam said...

Yes, Curtis, mine too. But apparently, for these ladies, their glutes are made for bouncin'? And that's just what they'll do. One of these days these glutes are gonna bounce all over you

Anonymous said...

Actually, in that footage, I think Denny looks a lot like you Sam!


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