Loose Canon

Bush is a loose canon. He is dangerous, and increasingly desperate. He has no intention of suddenly embracing engagement or diplomacy. He has no intention of suddenly telling us why we are really in Iraq. He will move beyond Iraq, and he will do it in our name. He will use our money to do it. He will force his way no matter who tries to call bullshit on him, and laugh it off. He says even if only Laura and Barney support him, he will still plow ahead with whatever his secret agenda is. I have never seen democracy become such a joke.

I think i'm going to suggest to Wikipedia that Bush's picture be used to illustrate an entry defining Loose Canon. I am so frightened of what he is capable of doing over the next 2 years. He is so hostile to diplomacy and engagement. He is so keen to move outside of Iraq. And he'll do it all in our names and using our money. And we will be complicit, because we are not stopping him. Thanks Keith Olbermann, for doing what you can to stop him.


Bruce said...


It is very clear now that the best we can expect from the Bush administration is paralysis--- continuing on the same track, doing nothing to change the destructive course it has set us on. Under Bush, the situation can only stay the same, or get worse (you can, of course, argue that in this situation staying the same implies getting worse.)

But can the country now controlling the course of human histrory (for better or worse, that's the situation)afford two years of paralysis? In our quick moving, technologically globalized world, two years is the equivalent of a decade, or more, even 50 years ago. Imagine that type of paralysis taking hold for a decade at any time during the first half of the XX century!

That's right, Sam, I'm thinking "impeachment." But can you impeach a president and vice president on the grounds of criminal stupidity? Or is it a "high crime" to deliberfately mislead and misinform the population? I, frankly, don't know.

Sam said...

I wonder what has happened to the young prosecutor Fitzpatrick? Remember him? The man investigating Plamegate? I suppose throwing Scooter Libby to the lions was enough, in Karl Rove's mind, to be able to do a slow fade on Fitzpatrick?

Bruce, i am SURE Fitz knows plenty about dozens of impeachable offenses by now, all much more scary than criminal stupidity. I hope he is still alive. Wonder if he has a bullet in his head or is at the bottom of the Potomac?

Sam said...

Aaah! Fitz finally surfaced in the news today, as Scooter's trial is about to begin, finally. I still have to wonder what kind of screws have been applied to him.

I saw on Olbermann last night that it has just come out that the Bush administration has gone on record threatening Alston & Bird--one of the country's most lauded law firms, and a place where a very dear friend works--with retribution *if* they so much as act like they are going to represent a Guantanamo plaintiff. Remarkable.

There is no end to their coercion, and no end to the loss and waste associated with it...adding more dimension to your comment about standing still. Imagine, thousands of workers in the Bush administration preoccupied with such tactics. They have no time left to form viable policy or deal with effective governance. And any notion of scrupulousness, skill, or wonkishness are rendered ridiculous and futile in such an environment.

I just realized in the above i am beginning to sketch out and storyboard a big vision for the Bush Presidential Center. Wonder if I should submit it to Rove?

curtis said...

I've said it before, and I'll repeat it here. It's not the fact that someone like George Bush could get into office, but the fact that someone like George Bush DID get into office. Twice!

Bruce said...

Today's New York Times carries a rather long story on Scooter Libby, whose trial is about to begin.

The Libby trial could, of course, be the beginning of bigger things, but I fear not.

The Times article is actually quite complimentary to Libby, painting him as a brilliant, talented intellectual with a liberal wife and who, as a lawyer has defended liberal causes. I though the Times had learned its lesson with Judith Miller! But Libby's PR agent couldn't have written a more positive article about him.

What is, however, frightening is that Libby did have, before he fell in with the neocons, excellent liberal credentials. He was, in fact, more liberal than Hillary Clinton in her Reagan tainted youth.

What seems to be the case is that Washington is full of "brains for hire," very smart people with little authentic political conviction.

Sam said...

Brains for hire, oh lordy, that's a good one. Wonder who Libby's sold his brain to now?

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