Moving Along... At the Pace of a Snail

Well, we didn't get a whole heck of alot done this weekend, but a few of the way up glass doored cabinets are in place. You can see the start of the surrounding soffit here in this pic, above the two new pantry cabinets surrounding ye olde fridge. Not alot to see, but hopefully next weekend I will have 3 days to devote to the project. We'll see if I can get out of work on Friday.


digital t-square said...

I'm in the process of a kitchen remodel as well. It's all on paper at this point. The appliances have been selected, cabinets are being priced out, and the flooring is in the works. I've never designed anything for myself. I almost asked a collegue to design the kitchen for me. But I buckled down and designed a kitchen that I think will work. Good luck on your construction.

Bruce said...


I hope you guys are actually enjoying putting up the kitchen yourselves. My partner and I, when planning our Paris kitchen, first calculated that our time was worth something, then added in the "klutz" factor (My partner is moderately talented in such matters; I am a class A "klutz.") We then rushed to the bank to take out a home improvement loan to pay someone to do the work for us.

It took the "professionals" the better part of a week to get the kitchen up, and ours is much smaller and simpler than yours. But that's probably because the "professionals" didn't really know what they were doing either. At least you have only your own "klutz factors" to deal with.

But you sound as though you both are at least in part enjoying yourselves. Hope so.

Sam said...

Mr. T-Square, thanks for visiting and thanks for your encouragement. I'll look forward to checking your blog out.

Bruce, the moving-at-a-snail's pace part of it actually helps us enjoy doing the work. We are both pretty handy, and enjoy working on projects ourselves. This is the biggest one we've taken on, with lots of tiny details to attend to, but so far, so good. We've had a couple of frustrating moments, but none so bad as to prevent our enjoying the whole thing. It is satisfying to be able to say "I did that," and then see either the look of sheer amazement or horror on someone's face! We do have the good sense *not* to take on the parts we aren't knowledgeable about, such as the electrical. Many invisible parts like that are done (see those wires hanging inside the soffit). Whew. It is exhausting though.

john said...

Hey, it's coming along. I like the wood floors. I can't wait till you post pictures of the finished kitchen.

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